Filipino Martial Arts

The term Cuentada refers to “calculation” or “to counter.”  It is the principle that guides Balintawak Eskrimadors. The assumption is that the opponent is skilled and attacks will be countered – for every counter there is a counter.  The Taboada Cuentada System is based on classic Balintawak close quarter fighting, originated and tested in the streets of Cebu City, Philippines.  Identified by it’s use of the single stick and close quarter play, it is designed to develop combat attributes:  speed, timing, and distancing. Additionally, emphasis is placed on economy of motion, flexible body alignment without unnatural or forced postures, and delivery of direct line strikes to produce lightning fast counter attacks.

Although it is viewed as primarily a close range style, the training prepares the practitioner for varying ranges of combat;  full-power, body torquing swings and blocks are Taboada Balintawak signature characteristics and can be employed for medium to longer range engagement. The stick is the primary training tool but the theory is that the stick is only an extension of the arm, the system prepares the practitioner to adapt.  Whether it is with the baton, blade, improvised weapons, and empty hand fighting – the goal is to produce adept, functional fighters.

Due to the nature of the art and practice of weapons, this class is offered at the age of 16 and above.